The Gift of Reading

by | Jul 17, 2023 | Blog | 0 comments

Do you remember when you learned to read? 🤔 I don’t remember the learning process, but I DO remember how I loved to sit down and read a book (this was before Kindle and other electronic medium). ❤️

📖 And, yes, I STILL prefer to hold a real book in my hands when I read. 📖

One of the things my best friend and I did as kids was climb our favorite tree 🌳, choose our own branch, and read our books. Those were the days. 🙂

I eventually got a Masters in Reading Education and taught students who had a great deal of difficulty when reading (6th/7th/8th graders at 2nd/3rd grade reading levels). It was not fun for me to watch these children struggle at that age when trying to read, and it certainly wasn’t fun for them either. Many had behavior issues due to this stigma. 😥

Even though I moved on from teaching, I still have an instilled appreciation of the fact that I can read. I know how important reading is – no matter what medium you use.

It does not surprise me that the career paths/interests I have chosen in my life (reading teacher, technical writer, communications specialist, freelance proofreader/editor, songwriter) all are somehow connected to reading.

So when my daughter sent me a text about her oldest child going crazy for reading, I was overjoyed! He is discovering the world of books, and it’s one of the greatest gifts you can ever receive.

It can change your life…

As business people, the written word in any medium is valuable – and being able to read is precious.

Take a moment right now to be thankful for your gift of reading…