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Proofreading & Editing

What are your rates?

The services I perform (proofreading or editing/proofreading) determine my rates. They are divided into two separate packages, as outlined below. Both packages consider the length and complexity of a project, as well as whether I am working with standard or technical content

Feel free to contact me by phone (518-366-7509) or by email ( for specific package rates. I will be happy to discuss the best rates to fit your project.

Proofreading Package

My proofreading services include:

  • Spelling
  • Punctuation, such as periods, commas, colons, and semicolons
  • Grammar
  • Correct usage of words that sound the same (homophones)
  • Quotation marks and apostrophes
  • Removal of double spaces after periods
  • Words repeated twice, such as “to to”
  • Consistency of spelling, capitalization, formatting, and style

Editing/Proofreading Package

My editing services include all proofreading services, plus:

  • Clear expression and overall readability, such as choosing words that better express your ideas
  • Appropriate use of active vs. passive voice
  • Suitable tone for your audience
  • Unnecessary and frivolous words
  • Gendered language used correctly
  • Major consistency errors in formatting, etc.

What sort of payment do you accept?

I accept payments through PayPal. Other options may also be considered.

What is your average turnaround time for an editing project?

I generally complete projects within 24-48 hours, depending on their complexity. Rush jobs may be considered if they are time-sensitive and have a deadline that needs to be met.

What is your preferred method of editing documents?

Microsoft® Word with tracking changes turned on is one of the ways I prefer to edit, and I can even convert a PDF document into a Word document for editing. However, I am not limited to only using Word; I also have experience editing in Google Docs. Plus, I am always open to other methods of editing you may require.

How did you end up becoming a freelance proofreader/editor?

I worked full-time for many years in the editing and writing field, and English was always my first love in school (followed closely by foreign languages). Once retired, I wanted to resume working as a proofreader and editor since I love doing it, so I started my own freelance business.

Types of content that benefit from proofreading and editing are:

  • E-mails
  • Online Learning
  • Articles
  • Websites
  • Brochures
  • Employee Handbooks
  • How-To Documents
  • Technical Documentation
  • Plans & Proposals
  • Presentations
  • Educational Materials
  • Case Studies
  • Business Letters
  • Blog posts
  • Resumes


“Kathi was amazing! She clearly understood what I was looking to get out of my documents to be edited. She edited my bios in an eloquent and rapid pace. She brought my vision to life and I would definitely recommend her services.”

— Ashley Hill | Private Client

“Kathi is a well-seasoned, sought after, proofreader/editor who I strongly recommend. I have had the pleasure to work with Kathi for many years at COINS USA. She is a true professional and a trusted colleague/advisor who has helped me and many others on countless occasions to improve and correct our writing. I often have to create technology-based documents for both non-technical and technical audiences. Kathi always does a great job proofreading my work, tweaking/fixing my messages to make them clearer and grammatically accurate. She is able to take on any topic and works efficiently to meet deadlines. Thanks to Kathi I am always confident in the work I publish after she has performed her review.”

— Dan Peyron | Technical Services Director | Construction Industry Solutions

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