It is always wonderful to get positive feedback from clients. Knowing that I have helped them communicate in a professional and clear way is such a joy. Thank you to everyone who has provided a testimonial for me.

YOU ARE AMAZING! 😊 I wish we could use you on every project!! THANK YOU so much for your excellent work.

Tracey L.

Private Client's comment for proofreading job of 365-page book

I cannot express enough gratitude for the impeccable proofreading services provided by Kathi for my resume. Her attention to detail and commitment have significantly elevated the overall quality of my resume. The thorough review ensured that my resume not only adhered to professional standards but also effectively highlighted my qualifications.

I highly recommend Kathi to anyone seeking top-notch proofreading services for their resume. Her prompt and efficient service in refining written content make her an invaluable partner in the job application process.

R. Montalvo

MCG Actuarial

Kathi is a well-seasoned, sought after, proofreader/editor who I strongly recommend. I have had the pleasure to work with Kathi for many years at COINS USA. She is a true professional and a trusted colleague/advisor who has helped me and many others on countless occasions to improve and correct our writing. I often have to create technology-based documents for both non-technical and technical audiences. Kathi always does a great job proofreading my work, tweaking/fixing my messages to make them clearer and grammatically accurate. She is able to take on any topic and works efficiently to meet deadlines. Thanks to Kathi I am always confident in the work I publish after she has performed her review.

Dan Peyron

Technical Services Director, Construction Industry Solutions

Kathi was amazing! She clearly understood what I was looking to get out of my documents to be edited. She edited my bios in an eloquent and rapid pace. She brought my vision to life and I would definitely recommend her services.

Ashley Hill

Private Client

I had the pleasure of working with Kathi for 7 years, and every time I had any need for proofreading and editing documentation, she was very quick to understand what the needs were and was able to make even the worst messes or incomplete documents into professional works perfectly tailored for the intended audience. She was always very cognizant of critical deadlines and knew what questions to ask to be able to deliver accurate work in a timely manner. I would highly recommend her for any editing or proofreading assignments.

Anna V.

US Application Support Manager, Construction Industry Solutions

Kathi was on my team of technical writers at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Northeastern NY. As a technical writer, which included writing, editing, formatting, and producing many types of documents in conjunction with software development projects in the organization, Kathi’s work always stood out. She brought brilliant writing skills — use of language, organization, and grammar, among others — to the documents she created. She also was adept at using the software tools needed to perform her work and quickly learning new tools as they were incorporated into the job. Kathi’s creativity was a big part of the success of our team. She shined in coming up with the best way to approach a complicated project, not only for her own work but for all the technical writers. She made us look good. For Kathi’s contributions, she was given a rarely bestowed honor — a Leadership Award for the quality of her work and going well above and beyond the scope of her normal duties.

Katheryn Geddie

Freelance Editor/Writer

Kathi has been incredible. I have recommended her to all of my entrepreneur colleagues. She has ensured that we have that extra eye on any of our outbound marketing proposals. After our internal reviews, I send over the content to Kathi and she finds and improves on so many things we missed. I am most impressed with her review of somewhat technical content/resumes. She has caught typos in tech jargon/acronyms that most other editors missed. I wish I had her to proof this review.

Stacy Kirk

CEO, QualityWorks Consulting Group, LLC

I worked with Kathi on a project to produce documentation for our US clients to walk them through end of year financial closing with our software. In her capacity, she was responsible for proofreading and editing past documents and bringing them up to current year information. Kathi was always very flexible and detail-oriented. Her updates were done timely (most ahead of schedule) and her suggestions for wording/corrections were always spot on and welcome. Communications were clear and concise. It was a pleasure working with Kathi and I would highly recommend her expertise.

Cheryl W.

Senior Support Analysis, Construction Industry Solutions

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