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How a Sense of Humor Can Help

😄 A sense of humor… ...gives me the ability to deal with the ups 👆 and downs 👇 of daily life. I am so thankful to have a sense of humor. It has helped me through bad news, uncomfortable situations, stress, and so much more. Now this does not mean I never take life...

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What Was Your First Job?

What was your first job? My very first job (does not include babysitting) was as a store clerk. I was 16 years old and worked at a department store for the summer between my junior and senior year in high school. This was not easy for me to do. You see, I was very shy...

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My Particular Set of Skills Includes Humility

I saw a social media post the other day that disturbed me quite a bit. Someone stated that those who care about proper English skills (such as grammar, punctuation, etc.) feel they are “above” others; they love to belittle others who do not have these skills. Well, I...

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