What does writing have to do with voiceovers?

A lot! You can use Kathi’s writing skills to provide your project with more than just her voice. She would be happy to help you in the following areas as well:

Songs – write original lyrics/melodies and sing them for your project
Editing – edit and improve content, such as voiceover scripts
Proofreading – review and edit content for grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, etc.
Jingles – write and sing jingles
Documentation – write/edit all types of documentation (website, technical, etc.)

Experience? Yes!

✘ Over 25 years as a writer/editor in private industry companies
✘ B.S. degree in English and Elementary Education and an M.S. degree in Reading Education
✘ Years of experience as a singer and songwriter, which culminated in the production of a CD containing 10 of her original songs
✘ Harmonizing has always been part of her singing for as long as she can remember!

Sample of Original Song with Harmony


“Pieces” Original Song YouTube Video*

*Videography by Kate Clough